Plastic bottle, volume - 10 l

10 l
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PET bottle 10 l

For bottling large volume liquids, a 10-liter PET bottle is used. The container ensures the safety of products during transportation, as well as long-term storage and sale in stores. Due to its practicality and affordable price, PET bottles of 10 liters are the most profitable and rational solution for packaging large volumes of products. Plastic containers can be used to store food and technical liquids — drinking water, vegetable oil, household and automotive chemicals. 

Production of PET containers from polyethylene terephthalate makes it possible to use this container for packaging any liquids. This material does not react even with relatively aggressive environments — acidic, alkaline. At the same time, PET has a high strength. Large volume containers have stiffening ribs, which gives them wear resistance and protects the product from deformation.

Plastic bottle 10 l — benefits

Plastic PET bottles are suitable for storing drinking water and other food products. In the manufacture of containers used polyethylene terephthalate does not emit harmful substances. Along with this positive feature, the price of PET bottles of 10 liters makes them a profitable purchase for a manufacturer who seeks to profitably present the product to the consumer. The transparent walls of the product also provide the ability to visually control the level of liquid in the jar.

In “Taraplast” you can order different options for containers — transparent or colored, depending on the destination. You can purchase not only bottles of standard shape, but also entrust us with the production of exclusive containers for your products. Our experts will offer you the best solution for any task. You can buy 10 l plastic bottles complete with white or colored caps, as well as with comfortable handles.

The strength of the product allows you to move batches of products packed in PET bottles over any distance without the risk of damaging them. In the production of containers, environmentally friendly and safe material — primary processing polyethylene terephthalate.

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