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Taraplast LLC manufactures PET bottles and cans, including twist-off containers. All products are suitable for food packaging, cosmetics, household chemicals. Customers can order production of both transparent, and painted in any colors of a container, different options of the form for capacities. You can buy PET packaging at affordable prices from LLC "Taraplast" - a major domestic manufacturer of certified PET packaging.


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What is PET?


Polyethylene terephthalate (PET, PET) is a polymer with high practical properties. This thermoplastic is also known under other names - polyester or lavsan. Fibers obtained from PET are called polyester, terylene, dacron, melinex, etc. The name lavsan, more familiar to the countries of the post-Soviet space, received this material in honor of the Laboratory of High Molecular Compounds of the Academy of Sciences - the place where it was invented and synthesized.


At the same time, a valuable distinguishing feature of PET is its safety, confirmed in the course of several studies of packaging materials made of polyethylene terephthalate. The material has successfully passed the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and the International Institute of Life Sciences (ILSI).

A number of distinctive properties of polyethylene terephthalate made it indispensable for industrial production. This thermoplastic polymer is characterized by high strength and chemical resistance, is easy to process, is transparent and can be colored.

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Production technology and pricing of PET containers


PET containers in Ukraine is one of the most economical, safe and affordable packaging options. It is used for filling and filling food products, cosmetics, automobile oils, and other liquids and substances. Due to their widespread use, plastic bottles and other polymer containers have become a profitable replacement for other packaging options. You can buy PET containers at affordable prices from Taraplast LLC , a large domestic manufacturer of certified products.

PET packaging plastic

In the manufacture of PET containers , the injection molding method is used. For this, blanks are used from a polymer material - polyethylene terephthalate (PET). This substance is notable for its low weight, strength, optimal viscosity, and ease of processing. For the production of plastic containers, PET is supplied in granules, since they can be used on various types of equipment.

An important stage in the manufacture of plastic containers is the production of preforms. Blanks for PET containers can be painted in the desired color, since PET is initially a transparent substance. Thanks to staining, it is possible to minimize the effect of ultraviolet radiation on the plastic and the substance that is contained inside such a container. In addition, colored packaging attracts the attention of buyers and often serves as an identification mark as a design component.



Plastic lids

To improve and optimize the consumer properties of plastic products and to minimize gas exchange with the external environment, special additives are used. Taraplast LLC uses safe substances approved for use in the food industry. Their presence in the finished container is safe, since the barrier additives are not toxic and do not interact with liquids inside the container. You can order PET containers in our company of any capacity - from 0.1 to 10 liters.

Advantages of plastic containers The

Advantages of PET containers are not limited to the affordable cost. First of all, plastic containers made of polyethylene terephthalate have a low gas permeability and do not react with fats, alcohol, weak acids and alkalis. PET certified containers withstand the pressure of carbonated drinks. Another advantage is the impact resistance of the container and its high hardness. Due to the characteristics of the material, all PET products have high dimensional accuracy.

An important advantage of plastic bottles and other containers is their resistance to mechanical stress, including shock. This makes it easier to transport products in PET containers, since they do not require rigid packaging - there is enough film for it. At the same time, plastic containers are lightweight and convenient in size. Unlike glass containers, plastic does not break, which leads to significant savings for the enterprise, because such a phenomenon as breaking containers is completely excluded.

In modern conditions, priority place is given to environmentally friendly and safe packaging options. Plastic containers meet these requirements. They are non-toxic to use and recyclable. They can be disposed of after use and recycled as a whole, just like glass.

Price for PET containers

The cost of plastic bottles is affordable and profitable for buyers. Due to the low cost, PET containers are in high demand in Ukraine. In LLC "Taraplast" you can buy plastic containers at affordable prices. We offer our regular customers individual service conditions. 

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