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Plastic caps for PET bottles

On the Taraplast LLC website, you can not only purchase PET containers, but also buy plastic caps for it. This functional element acts as a reliable insulating component for storing products in a container. Although simple in design, plastic bottle and can lids are complex to manufacture and must meet a number of industry standards. 

How PET bottle caps affect the quality of packaged products

Plastic caps must meet certain requirements:

  • Environmentally friendly. Products must be completely safe for human health and not emit toxic compounds into the environment, react with products packaged in a container.
  • Tightness. High quality and reliable PET bottle caps must be air tight. For carbonated drinks, it is necessary that the caps on the container do not release carbon dioxide. For this purpose, special seals are added to some products. In this case, the covers must withstand temperature changes.
  • Ergonomics. It is important for the consumer to purchase the product in a plastic container that is convenient to use. Therefore, the bottle cap should not be inconvenient for the user. 
  • Hygiene. Lids for plastic containers should not accumulate a huge amount of bacteria on their surface. 

Thus, if the cap does not meet the listed requirements, the manufacturer risks losing part of the profit and its reputation due to the disturbed storage conditions of its products. The consumer, on the other hand, can purchase a product that has lost some of its valuable properties, because the lid in the package turned out to be inadequate. Before you buy caps for PET bottles, it is worth considering that the quality of packaged products directly depends on them. 

Production of caps for PET bottles in Ukraine

In Ukraine, one of the largest domestic manufacturers of plastic caps is Taraplast LLC. The manufacturing process of these elements is rather complicated and consists of several stages:

  • Checking the feedstock and preparing it for production;
  • Plastification of raw materials and addition of dyes;
  • Distribution of raw materials into special forms;
  • Pressing and cooling;
  • Delivery to the packing shop.

Thanks to special high-tech equipment,in the manufacture of PET caps all the requirements for their quality are taken into account. We can offer our clients not only standard options, but also carry out individual orders. A logo is applied to the surface of the caps at the request of the client. If necessary, we can complete PET containers with handles, dispensers, sprayers.

Types of plastic caps for PET bottles

There are several types of caps for plastic containers, differing in design features. They can be divided into one-piece, two-piece, and multi-piece options. The most economical options are single piece and two piece bonnets, which can be manufactured with or without a gasket. You can buy plastic caps for bottles and cans with a screw thread from us - the most common and practical type of such products. Such a closure material is made in different diameters - for a narrow and wide neck of the container. You can also order more sophisticated bottle and can lids, such as dispensers and sprayers for household chemicals.

The price for PET bottle caps depends on the model you choose. The cost of an item is influenced by the type of raw material and the decoration of the finished product. 

How to order PET plastic caps wholesale in Ukraine?