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OOO "Taraplast" for many years successfully works in the market of packaging manufacturers of PET in Ukraine. Our company was established in 2001 in Dnipropetrovsk, where there is an equipped workshop for blowing of PET containers and a warehouse.

our Products are certified in the prescribed manner: "Tara z preform polietilentereftalata (PETF) according to TU U 25.2-30852712-001-2003".

There is a conclusion of state sanitary - epidemiological examination that produced by our company PET containers is safe for health and subject to the requirements of this statement can be used.

the Safety of using PET

Over a hundred years ago the invention of plastic materials have made revolutionary changes in our lives. Polyethylene terephthalate, or PET, holds a special place among polymeric materials. Because PET is an excellent protection against the effects of oxygen and carbon dioxide, this material is widely used in the manufacture of containers for storing drinks such as mineral water, carbonated soft drinks, and beer. Also PET produce cookware for use in microwave ovens and food packaging film.

Such is the popularity of PET containers due to a number of advantages such as lightness, durability, large capacity, resistance to impact.

currently, the laboratory of chemical research are so well fitted that allow you to define even a minimum level of penetration of polymeric compounds into packaging food product. Research is carried out in conditions as close to real conditions of use of PET containers.


In a report on the interaction of the PET with food products, released in July of 2000, ILSI gives the results of a large number of studies that prove the safety of the compounds of the PET for food and beverages:

  • PET Material is biologically inert, does not emit toxins into the water, food and air.
  • didn't reveal any evidence of toxicity studies, including animal.
  • in DNA of subjects it was found that PET is not genotoxic.
  • Also, experiments were conducted with separate materials that are part of polietilentereftalata, which showed that they, too, are non-toxic.


essentially - PET does not pose a threat to human health.

However, it should be noted that consumers should be aware of the correct use of PET containers (as, indeed, and containers of any other material).

for Example, containers for heating food in the microwave intended for single use only and should not be used for storage in her other food products.

Also, if the bottle with a drink or mineral water was opened, it could spread bacteria which can proliferate when the temperature increases. Therefore, an open drink in PET bottle is better to use as soon as possible or store in the refrigerator (which is also applicable to glass containers).

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