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We offer edged PET jars in Dnipro. The volume of the jar is 50 ml. A PET jar can be completed with a lid at the request of the customer. A jar made of durable food-grade plastic is designed for storage and transportation of various products. PET jar 50 ml plastic jar has no foreign smell, does not absorb the substances that are stored in it. 

Cans are often used as containers for bulk substances and liquids. However, they are not necessarily made of glass or metal. Recently, products made of polyethylene terephthalate have become increasingly popular. This is an innovative material that is popularly called plastic. In fact, PET is a type of plastic — thermoplastic polyester. It is characterized by transparency, excellent ductility and workability. It can be sawn, milled, drilled. A PET can 0.05 l is also made quite simply, which determines its low cost.

Where do you need a 50 ml PET jar

The areas of use of such containers are extensive. They are used for medicines, spices. Small jars of 50 ml can also be used for ointments. 

Thus, if you need high-quality and inexpensive containers for food, tablet packaging, dry colors, dry flavors or any other content, it is worth buying a 50 ml plastic jar. This is a practical and affordable PET container, in which you can safely and long-term store the desired products.

PET plastic jar 0.05 l: advantages

Why this particular material? It's about the advantages that characterize a 50 ml PET can:

  • PET's reduced gas permeability compared to other types of plastics;
  • inertness to foodstuffs, which makes the packaging harmless to health;
  • High hardness and impact resistance, thanks to which the contents are reliably protected from damage;
  • resistance to oils, fats, alcohol and other aggressive substances — that is, inside the jars you can safely store such contents;
  • light weight compared to glass and tin counterparts;
  • resistance to stretching, punctures, low temperatures.

Usually, PET jars are made transparent. But it is also possible to produce painted, matte containers. 

50 ml jars and other types of containers from Taraplast LLC

Do you need to buy a PET jar 50 ml (0.05 l)? Order products from our company. We ourselves are a manufacturer of polyethylene terephthalate containers, operating in the industry since 2001. Our company has a large production capacity. This allows you to produce any volume of containers in the range, thus closing even large orders.

Since we are the direct manufacturer, the price of a PET can is the most attractive. Delivery is relevant throughout the country.

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