PET bottle 1 liters

1 l
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PET bottle 1 liter

We offer a PET bottle, the volume of the bottle is 1 liter. PET bottle can be completed with a cap at the request of the customer. A 1 liter PET bottle is intended for bottling food and perfumery and cosmetic products. Eco-friendly and safe material is used in the production of containers - polyethylene terephthalate of primary processing.

Liter PET bottle - characteristics

1 liter PET bottle made of safe materials — compact container that can be used for food and technical liquids. It can be easily used for transportation and storage of products. Thanks to modern production technologies, PET containers are made of chemically resistant environmentally friendly material — polyethylene terephthalate. In “Taraplast” You can order plastic PET bottles in various colors, depending on the type of liquid that will be packaged in them.

Each of the containers is produced on high-tech equipment in accordance with interstate standards. By purchasing 1 liter PET bottles from a domestic manufacturer, you get a European quality product at a low cost.

Plastic bottle 1 liter — where applied

The need to buy 1 liter plastic bottles may arise from industries that produce or package food and non-food products. Compact containers made of polyethylene terephthalate are suitable for bottling carbonated and still water, juices, drinks, milk, butter. They retain the taste of food products and do not enter into chemical reactions with it, so these bottles are safe.

At the same time, they are free from the disadvantages of glass bottles, because they do not break and have much less weight. No less valuable qualities have a plastic container during transportation and storage of household, automotive chemicals. Depending on the scope of application, the bottle can be transparent or painted in a certain color, have a wide or narrow neck. These nuances must be agreed upon at the stage of ordering a batch of containers. The price of PET bottles of 1 l is affordable and beneficial when buying in bulk.

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