3 liter bottle

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Plastic bottle 3 l

Plastic bottle 3 l

3 l
38 мм

A 3 liter bottle is required for storing carbonated and non-carbonated liquids. Plastic containers are safe as they are made of PET. Such material can only be used once, so it is very often used for implementation: 

  • water;
  • carbonated drinks;
  • kvass;
  • beer.

The 3 liter water bottle contains enough volume to help the customer get the right amount of liquid at a time. Today, the 3 liter pet bottle has become much lighter, because a special component is added during production, which makes it convenient and lightweight.

Features of plastic fixtures

The main positive characteristics of a 3-liter product include:

  • light weight;
  • best price;
  • high strength indicators;
  • long time use;
  • resists mechanical damage well.

The site sells 3-liter products in bulk. This makes it possible to buy the desired option in any quantity. In order to order such products, you must leave a request on the website or contact the company manager, who will select the product of the desired volume and shade for you. Delivery is carried out on the territory of Ukraine without delay and exactly on time.