2 liter water bottle

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2 liter bottle for liquids

Plastic water bottle 2 liters is designed to store various liquids. The use of such material makes the container unbreakable and stable. Today, PET is often used in the food industry. The plastic polymer is safe for health, does not emit toxic substances and does not oxidize, in addition to these characteristics, PET has a number of advantages:

  • wear resistance, withstands mechanical stress well, does not deteriorate during long-term transportation;
  • does not let the sun's rays through;
  • does not absorb foreign odors;
  • intended for the sale of drinks.

A plastic bottle of 2 liters helps to keep liquids for a long time and thereby extend their shelf life. 

Application of a two-liter container 

A 2 liter bottle is quite widely used for storage:

  • juices;
  • sunflower oil;
  • milk;
  • water;
  • lemonade;
  • beer.

Both large and medium-sized manufacturers can order such containers in bulk. Before you buy the products of interest, you should see the entire range. A two-liter container can have a different shape, type and price. You can place an order by phone or through the return form. This option implies that you leave your contacts and the manager will call you back at a convenient time for you.