Plastic bottle, volume - 7 l

7 l
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PET bottle 7 l

PET bottles of 7 liters are widely used to store food liquids, as well as household and automotive chemicals. The container has impressive dimensions and is suitable for transporting products. PET bottles of 7 l can be used for bottling drinking water, soft drinks, beer, vegetable oil, household chemicals, automotive oils, antifreeze and other technical liquids. This type of containers is practical and durable, as well as relatively low cost. The price of PET bottles of 7 liters is the most favorable for the wholesale purchase of a batch of plastic containers. In LLC “Taraplast” you can purchase standard-shaped containers or order individual bottles to package your products.

Plastic bottle 7 l — features

The production of containers is carried out using modern technologies for the preparation of preforms. Plastic PET bottles with a volume of 7 liters have a design with additional stiffening ribs that allow them to hold their shape and not deform. At the same time, the thickness of the walls of the can is optimal for long-term storage of liquid, as well as transportation. Production of PET containers is carried out taking into account their purpose. In most cases, preference is given to a transparent material, which allows you to present products to the consumer and monitor the level of liquid in the container. If the product loses its properties under the influence of sunlight, pigments are used in the production of bottles, which color them in a certain color and protect them from UV radiation.

You can buy 7 l plastic bottles complete with caps of a suitable size, which provide the necessary tightness. You can also order containers with handles for easy carrying.

The strength of the product allows you to move batches of products packed in PET bottles over any distance without the risk of damaging them. In the production of containers, environmentally friendly and safe material — primary processing polyethylene terephthalate.

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