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     What is PET

    PET (polyethylene terephthalate) enjoys an extraordinary success on the market of packaging materials. Currently, PET is used in manufacture of containers for different types of food, chemicals, and perfumery products.

     PET has become a very popular and widely used material, which to some extent has been able to replace glass and other types of plastics. In addition to its excellent physical properties, PET has one more important quality - a reasonable price.

     PET is used as material for packing food from around the end of 1970s. It became especially popular in 1980s, and in 1995-1999 the manufacturing of PET bottles for beverages increased twofold. From 1990 to 1998, PET packaging expanded its share on the market of bottles for beverages from 9% to 30%.

     The list of products, for the packaging of which PET is used, is truly endless: vegetable oil, sauces, fruit juices, and beer, to name but a few. Also, PET containers are used for packaging various types of household chemical products and perfumes.

     PET has a lot of advantages. First of all - it is a very lightweight material. A standard half-liter PET bottle weighs approximately 28 grams (a glass bottle of the same volume can weigh about 350 grams). PET is totally transparent, which makes it ideal for bottling mineral, soda water. So that products, contained in such packaging were not exposed to sunlight, PET can be tinted, for example, with green or brown colors. This is also done for the appearance of products to correspond to the maximum demands of consumers.

     The starting material for the production is preforms from which after pre-heating bottles are stretched and blown out. Preforms, in their turn, are produced by press-forming from granulated polymer-polyethylene terephthalate. The color and transparency of the future bottle are defined in the manufacture of preforms from granules.

     Another advantage of PET containers is their rigidity, which is very important for transportation and storage. At the same time, PET just as glass is fully recyclable. For packaging PET containers boxes are not required, they are packed in polyethylene film with a cardboard tray or without it.

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